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 This is about boxing ,I have been training since April and for the first month I had some actual instruction but after that I've been in a vacuum of sorts so I was having some issues in particular with the left hook..when executing a left hook you pivot your front foot on which you are on the ball of the foot. however after being told that one should  be on your toes as it were at  all times I was trying to do this punch with my back foot also on toe..which of course is rather difficult to do if you are using any significant amount of power ( as you twist your body to generate power) and I found myself struggling to get back on guard afterwards. Well it turns out that I should have been catching myself on the back foot which is flat on the ground sort of a transfer of weight this applies to right hook too but I of course the order is reversed. 

 boring no?

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No. Kind of reminds me of a power golf swing. You get a lot of torque in your body that way.
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Gads! Sounds like you need to cruise YouTube for some additional insight into the mystic of the left hook!!!! There's nothing worse in learning something than the "rework" of having to re-learn it correctly because instruction was missing in the first place! I go through this cycle a lot myself in my taichi and qigong. ::sigh::
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no definitely not boring, I love boxing. Now you know you're fault at least you can work on it the correct way before it's too hard to change styles.
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I think it's great you persisted & learned something helpful. My son's been persisting with learning to wakeboard. He's a decent athlete, but never did water sports before. When ya can't get up in time ya eat it hard face forward. So far he banged his nose up pretty good & last week he wrenched his neck but he finally mastered the motion he needed to stand up. So congrats on your thing! The sound of your last entry had me a bit concerned lol.
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