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 I was trying to link the Judgement day video from Method Man's Tical record but for some reason it didnt take.. I have been shocked that I have developed an interest in Hip Hop in general after hearing a couple of songs that really stuck with me. As a young lad I shied away from Rap since the subject matter was a little outside my area of expirience and of course I was more interested in being depressed than angry :) . Naturaly my judgement was very superficial as my exposure was confined to a few minutes of Yo MTV raps once in a blue moon ,many years later I have discovered a whole genre of music previously and foolishly dismissed..I guess Metal will be next..maybe ha ha

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I'm getting nothing here honey.
about 12 years ago
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Hehe! I totally hear you on this, Sun.
about 12 years ago
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haha I don't listen to much rap either. I mean I grew up with it, but somewhere a long the way I grew out of it. At least most of the mainstream music. I ll always appreciate the graffiti. I still listen to older artists though. Especially anyone from the WuTang Clan. I used to train with Judgment Day on repeat. ;)
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