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Random thoughts for the summer

   Summer is when the crazies come out..driven to extreme behaviors by the unrelenting heat , even the most even keeled succumb and naturaly they all descend on Zilker Park..Grown men traverse the greenbelt naked brandishing knives, the toilet grafitti becomes even more heinous, the hillsides are decorated with young ladies in search of thier first brush with skin cancer, dead bodies languish at popular swimming holes (true story)..the dumb masses surging hither and yon mouths agape ,stuffed with salty snacks and endlessly lusting after food and flesh, sustenance for the primal ,animalistic urges that comprise the true nature of the Homo sapien.

 Children buzzing from the copious quantities of sugar the have ingested ,crazed by the heat and having escaped parental supervision proceed to wreck the kind of havoc one might expect to find in the local Zoo's primate exhibit..crying,screaming ,vomiting and even peeing themselves with delight at thier  own destructive prowess..the all encompassing orgiastic sugar rage whirlwind that posesses little Jimmy would make the Hellequins of old jealous.

 Against this torrent I stand ,the bulwark of sanity and reason..mender of broken things, director of the lost , the dialer of 911, 311, wildlife rescue and Spill response.

 Thanks for listening

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Thank God for you, oh great sane one! haha You sound like a very articulate evangelist for sobriety and reason. But you are roaring against the wind. Seriously, I hear you SG. A 19 year old already drowned yesterday, swimming in a quarry but egged on by his friends to jump from the side....those quarries are filled with invisible dangers and deep as hell. No room for error. And the motorcyclists are already out in full force. Young men with little experience and overflowing with testosterone hurtling up my road at high speeds, just in time to reach the unexpected curves which claim victims all the time. I only had to call 911 once for a motorcyclist but multiple times for cars. With the increased crotch rocket traffic, it's only a matter of time. I was always extra careful on my motorcycle because there is nothing separating you from a tree along the road except air. And it's not even really hot here yet. Hope you otherwise had a nice holiday weekend.
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Well....aren't we jazzed for summer?!?!?!?!?! =D If I didn't know you were in Texas, I'd sworn you were in one of those popular Spring Break destinations in Florida....except that Spring Break is but a distant memory! Just remember....it's tough to be a super hero among the insane masses. Stay tough and true, oh Super SSG!
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haha That was fucking epic! and full of truth at that
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