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Its all looking a little pear shaped


 My old dog Huckleberry went and died on me last night with no real warning..one minute he seemed right as rain and then he was having a seizure and an hour or so later he was dead..He was almost 19 years old which makes him the oldest dog I have heard of..

 And my girlfriends Grandfather who is now in assisted living fell whilst on the way to the bathroom and broke a bone in his face.

Twice this week I have managed to drain the battery in my car ,once because I left the running lights on and once from the cargo light.

 I was as sick as a dog all of last week and I have nothing put together for Thanksgiving.

Umm I think I will proceed to take up the guitar and become a blues man. ha ha..look out Leadbelly here is Rustedtongue the saddest man the universe has ever known

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Huckleberry has been with you almost as long as you have memories. It's OK to be the saddest man in the universe for him. In fact, it's only right. The gf's grandfather is going through his life's winter. The falls are so demoralizing and damaging. Your body become like a crumbling building, the facade just fails, and the systems get rusty, but the basic structure is still there holding up the decrepitude. I think I'd prefer to go out the way of Huckleberry---with bit of a spasm, a fight, and peaceful surrender. This was a tough week but you survived. Live and love. My condolences.
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damn mang...fucked up i week..i feel you on the dog though..i've had to put 2 down this year..my old'n Jake in july and then my border collie Lacy in october (cause she had a tumor that was crushin one of her lungs and she couldn't really breathe no more..wouldn't hardly eat either)...and sucks about the lady's grandpops..and hope you feel better on the sickness...the car battery can at least be replaced haha
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It all seems to be about balance...at the beginning of this month it was all hopeful with Obama's election...now our lives have been riddled with an extra helping of bad luck. I'm sorry about the loss of your old companion, Huckleberry....it's so tough when there's no explanation but again it's better than agonizing at the vet's about whether or not to put an animal down because it's the "right" thing to do. I hope your gf's g-dad heals quickly....at least he didn't break his hip...that's a more common injury and one that usually causes a rapid decline in a loved one's health. Pick up the guitar? Better start with some poetry...you certainly have enough inspiration. I hope you're feeling better....just let things fall where they will and don't sweat the small stuff. Take care!
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Sorry to hear about Huckleberry. :( What a buncha junk is going on! Lol@ the thought of you as blues man Rustedtongue.
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