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OK so really, Bantry is really pretty but it's the kind of pretty that tends to gall after a bit  , like too much sweet and I found myself sneering at the magnificent and verdant views around every corner...I mean Bord Failte really needs to give that shit a rest so we all don't get burned out on the twee factor ,I would advise throwing in the occasional landfill or penitentary just so to break up the monotony of the rolling green hills and picturesque thatched stone cottages surrounded by Lambs gently bleating..UUghhh Anway Oliver's Mom picked us in town and off we went ,her name is Marlise and she is also of  Swiss German extraction but has lived in Bantry as long as I have known her..I hadn't actualy seen her in almost 20 years but  I had spend a great deal of time at her house along with several other runagates and knaves of my aquataince, so she after a few awkwards moments we were all talking and laughing and it was as if the years in between had never gone by . Her house is amazing and I will provide evidence of this fact asap..it is perched atop a mountain with views of Bantry Bay and more mountains behind ,It had 3 bedrooms, two baths a kitchen ,a living room and a conservatory which in my mind was the absolute best spot in the house, When we first arrived it was raining and the cloud was hanging over the mountain so the house was engulfed in a thick fog while the rain came down pretty fierce. I felt as if I was aboard a ship. Oliver's sister had also come down to visit with her son Dylan,(pictured above) naturaly the last time I saw her she was still in primary school , shocking that she is now a beautifull and accomplished adult with a son in tow.. Dylan..well he deserves and entire chapter of his own.. He really likes rap and breakdancing so naturaly I tried to teach him some Capoeira movements which almost lead to some serious injury as I feared it might given his shall we say strong personality...ok so I need to go to bed but I will be popping back in to add to this behemoth task as I can... thanks for your patience

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Aye, by gosh and by gorrah (did I spell that right?!?!?!)....looks like somebody has his Green Isle voice back! I'm counting on learning more about this incredibly PERFECT (haha!) place you went to visit! So...don't leave us hanging too long on this little cliffhanger!
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runagates & knaves, huh? lol i love reading of your adventures in ireland, your language changes when you're there--for the better of course! i'm finally back online after what seems like an eternity but was in fact a week & a half. never had cleaner closets in my life but i missed my online friends & being able to google then read about anything i wanted to. more, we want more of this ireland blog!
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