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Going on 40

   Yes it's finally almost here, an new beginning? or the end of an era? It's hard to know which way to approach it. 30 was a breeze and 35 went by with only a slight case depression and soul searching..but this is new ground entirely. As the structure of my little life slowly decays along with me I can't help but think that I'm missing something..my Capoeira life has changed dramatically with the demise of Capoeira Angola as a real presence in Austin. I have resorted to running a meetup group to keep my hand in, barely worth the effort though I have kept up my own training but I miss playing with other people since that's the entire point of it . I have kept working on some basic kickboxing thanks to my fabulous home gym and have added interval training to my roster so I feel pretty good about that but I certainly miss the community involvement. One change i've noticed is that I have a increased drive to fill my time with activities that have meaning, which makes it difficult for me sit still for most sedentary activities you might think of.  I wonder how Jet feels about his Birthday? He steals my thunder every year since he's rather more well known that myself and his birthday falls two days after mine. (kidding).    

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That Jet...what a glory hound. lol 40 shmorty. Who cares? It's just a number. So is 41, 42, and 52, and 102. The older you get, the luckier you are to be blessed with continuing to experience life. OK, so, for practical purposes, things necessarily change. I had a friend who said he'd give up his competitive tennis at 40, when he could no longer compete with the younger set. He lied. He's still competing, at 62, just adjusted his expectations more realistically along the spectrum. Sad to hear your chosen MA is no longer available to you but wouldn't that be the same case if you were just turning 30? Right, so time for a change. If you can't be with the one you love honey, love the one you're with. Ya know? What about something new entirely? If you're physical what about hiking and camping? Biking? Fishing? There's lots of stuff to do. My girlfriend bikes and joined the local "roadrunners". She trains a lot by herself but still goes on a lot of community rides. And she's my age. So, in conclusion, you have your whole life ahead of you, and probably a good 30 more years of a good sturdy body which will enable you to enjoy all kinds of sports. Take a look at this PBS show about exercise. I was really surprised. I love the HIT method. What 12 minutes a week? Hell yeah. "The Truth About Exercise." Your health is the key. http://video.pbs.org/video/2364989581/
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Oh, you're welcome. hahahaha
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Happy Birthday, a couple of days late. But, you should be celebrating it this weekend anyways so Happy Birthday!!!!!!!!!!!! :)
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So how was it? Feel any different?
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