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Global Youth Summit in Austin Texas

   The main purpose of the Global Youth Summit was to bring children from very different parts of the world together in an effort to promote understanding and respect for each others culture. There were kids from the Ivory Coast, Iran ,Mexico and Nigeria and also some disadvantaged locals. I was there to try and help document the goings on so my interaction with the attendees was regrettably limited.

 There were Daily activities such as a ropes course, Capoeira Angola , Drum Circles, Swimming.In the evenings round table discussions were held on subjects such as World Peace , enviroment etc.

 It was really amazing to see them all laughing and joking together,some of them were refugees from their country of origin and had been through some bad times so all in all it was a good way for them to express themselves in a peer group situation in which they felt comfortable. The one thing they  akk did have in common was an absolute obsession with Football (Soccer) , Games were constant in between structured activities ,the nets were carried about the camp ground to be nearby in the event of a break, I'm pretty sure most of the understanding and mutual respect came from these informal Soccer games than any meeting held over the course of the event.  Why America hasn't caught on to this sport is beyond me, maybe it explains our poor foreign policy record, If only we could talk about Soccer properly maybe World Peace could be achieved.


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The cool thing about soccer/football is all you need is a ball, and it can be played anywhere. No additional equipment is really required.
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I think these kids who have the common thread of soccer helps to bring them together more. People can then see that we're not so different after all. I agree with your soccer foreign policy! Right now our cowardly football (not the soccer version) leagues claim that the Superbowl is like the World Championship but how can it be if we're only playing with ourselves, so to speak?
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