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Fare the well Polly my dear I must be gone away


  If it all works out I should be in Ireland sometime in January  ,A trip through all my boyhood haunts should do my spirits some good in light of my approaching 36th year in this current incarnation. I will be starting off in Dublin and then catch the train down south to Co, Cork.

 I'm sure to be on the tear so I'm not sure how any pictures may come out, if any even get taken that is. Fingers crossed for time off eh?

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Excellent. Except for the weather but you can prepare for that. Are you seeing any old friends while you're there???? Get yourself a skinny camera and only take a picture when you're really motivated, like 8 on a scale of 1-10. That way you won't get sick of it but you'll capture those moments. Black clouds, brilliant sunset, misty gloams. All that Irish shit. You'll know it when ya sees it. Have fun and report back. Glad you're getting it together for this. Maybe you won't want to come back.
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Sounds like a great plan! Ah, so you're from the Old Country. Your way with words is something special, that explains it lol.
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