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Eskrima on Human Weapon (Tv)

  Just an interesting note,

 Turns out that this venerable and deadly martial art was disguised as a cultural activity during periods of occupation in the Philipines, so this phenomenum is not restricted to the aphro diasporic martial arts like Capoeira etc I wonder what other styles went through this process in the past? I guess the main difference is that Capoeira retained it's dance format far after it was legalized in part because of the value placed on it for the tourist trade in Brazil.

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Didn't know that. Have a pal that practices that, it's always interesting to hear him talk about his training.
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Is that the first episode where they are using sticks and had to fight that champion? If so, it looked so brutal. Hehe! But we had a lil' of back to roots training for the viewers. I loved it!
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I'm going through withdrawals from not having seen "Human Weapon" last Friday night.... *pout* *shake*
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