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Eskrima and Capoeira..a little tidbit

"Eskrima had to be hidden from the Spaniards -- they practiced it in their dancing, and pretended they were practicing the Spanish style of fencing to avoid being caught. For this reason, Eskrima has some strong Spanish influences."

  This is a quote from Wikipedia , Sound familiar at all? a Martial Art hidden in a dance? I just wanted to point out that there is precedence for this idea as a response to oppression, much like Capoeira. 



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Eskrima does have a lot of fencing type movements...I never really thought about it. Sheeeshh....you're really making me think these days! haha! So....perhaps in light of our current financial oppression, we should come up with a new form of martial art hidden in the bread-line and food-stamp line dances? ;-P
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lol@JRS! I hadn't heard of Eskrima, had to google it, interesting.
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