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Bill Hicks

Video: http://uk.youtube.com/watch?v=Z9O1Cv7wudU on smoking

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:( I'm still in a daily battle SSG. Just came from the store and I either had to buy a bag of fried chicken or cigarettes. Cluck cluck. That was funny.
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Ya know....as a non-smoker (I'm allergic to smoke) I sat through the first 7 minutes going..."Huh. Yeah...really funny." Images of other patients in the cancer care ward over the past 7 years of my hubby visiting his oncologist returned to me. One patient in particular...a man, age unknown, all shrivelled up, wrinkled....and YELLOW. He was entirely yellow. And linked up to O2, wheezing, struggling with every breath. I just thought, "Bill...you have no idea." But, then...the last minute of this routine was so funny as me, the non-smoker, actually got some kind of reward from his routine! I still have tears in my eyes!!! That was worth it right there...now, I gotta go pee on my next door neighbor! ;-P
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So....did he die from, ah, let's see....being hunted down by non-smokers? Cancer? Heart disease? A jealous husband??? I suppose I could google it... Is this routine from the early 1980's? I remember the Yul Brenner commercial...one of the lucky few to see it before it was pulled by the networks...I think it was shortly after I graduated from high school that Jim Fixx died. Believe it or not, I did my junior conflict paper on the benefits of jogging. Jim Fixx's book was a key resource for the pros of jogging.
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