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Woah! Fresh from the Consequences exhibition preview, Pixelpunks is still on cloud nine!

It was an amazing turn out and a thousand thanks to all you AND artists and members who came the event. Initially, what started as a little dream from a chance meeting with Danielle Huthart of Whitespace over a year ago and most likely guided by divine providence, this all female artist/designer exhibition was put together in under 8 weeks. All the other extremely talented artists (Emily Eldridge, Kim Van Gennip, Kate Barnett) just fell into place and '...Read more

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Hello Hello

Apologies for the long absence ...

Pixelpunks has been beavering away like the walking dead for the past few months.

It's been very exciting though. There's currently a little Lucky Brand Jeans shop exhibition on the go (please see events) and have just finished artwork for the spring/summer 09 Ruby Li campaign (1/F Vienna Mansion, Paterson St, Causeway Bay, Hong Kong). Please pop by if you're in the area.

Currently Pixelpunks is raring to go and full of spring in its steps.

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Thanks and a little news ...

Hello and greetings to you all on AND and thanks again to AND for all the fab continued support.

Here are some apologies again for not being in touch that much! Pixelpunks has been a rather busy bee over the last few months working on a couple of exhibitions and artworks for a fashion store so there's been a lot of sleepless nights. (I'll be keeping you all posted about these happenings when the time comes. ) It's amazing how obsessed you end becoming once you're in the throes of work! It's perverse an...Read more

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Long overdue!

Dear Lovely Visitors,

Apologies! This blog is long overdue! This is actually my first blog ever which is why I must have been so reticent to write one!

Pixelpunks has been up and running since May this year and I must say despite all the hardships that go with a startup 'business', I've loved every minute being my own boss. (Suffice to say, I still don't have a winning formula as to how to run a successful one!) Perhaps it will always be the curse of the creative to be rubbish at business! Any tips anyone? I gues...Read more

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