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Dude Where's My Mount Epi 2

Video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IzdpF8sEFD8 I am only putting 2 episodes up if anyone likes them i will put the rest of the episodes up...




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random things

i felt like being funny so i will put these up for a laugh or two, let me know what you think if you all play WoW or not.

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My heart bleeds


My heart bleeds, my heart cries, my heart wonders why this had to happen and why it had to be

my heat wonders what will happen and what will become. I feel dead, numb and cold, I feel

nothing for the world is dead around me, the flowers that bloom are colorless, the tress that g

grow are nothing but twigs that stem off of seeds, the animals that fly in the sky, or crawl are lying

there lifeless. As the thunder clouds roll in and the rain begins to pour down on this lifeless world

there is more...Read more

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In the time of need......

Hey everyone... as some of you know what my boyfriend does, but in case you don't and have no clue, My bf is a professional fighter, he fights when he can... that is his dream, life, and soul. Recently at approxametly 1 am, He was injuried gravely. My good friend and brother ( a person who is like a friend) is a certified doctor, he has injured his back gravely. Nerve damage is spreading to his legs, and he is walking with a possibility of a ...Read more

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She stands

She stands solid, she stands free, but not ready

She doesnt see what is ahead of her, does not see what is behind her

She just keeps going forward, moving on, but one thing stops her

She doesnt know what to think; what to do, but she keeps moving into the great unknown

She is a mystery, but she still stands, for what she wants and what she gets; something is missing

But doesnt know what. She is easily confused but tries to hide it, Hides all the hurt and all the pain,

She feels that somthing is wrong...Read more

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Latest work...

As you all may know or not know... I am into alot of creative writing... and the only way that I can do that is if something inspires me to do so.. so here is some work that I have done recently.. hope you all like. Doing creative work sooths me for some reason.. it calms my mind, and gets all the frusterations out that i have let built....


     Life in a different world

by: me

Chapter 1: Life as is

I was in the changing, I was the chosen one of the pack, I was more alive than ever and I wanted to prov...Read more

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Landing in London

I woke up today in London

As the plane was touching down

All I could think about was Monday

Maybe I’d be back around

If this keeps me away much longer

I don’t know what I will do

You've got to understand it’s a hard life,

that I’m going through

And when the night falls in around me

I don’t think I’ll make it through

Ill use your light to guide my way

Cuz all I think about is you

L A is getting kind of crazy

New York's getting kind...Read more

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An update

Well, As most of you know... I have been going to school for about 2 years now.. trying to get my medical degree so that I can so something with my life.. I am a full time EMT with a full time student, I do alot of Martial Arts and love to learn new things.. anything you care to know just ask..

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Back from my trip

Here are some pics for my lovely frinends to look at














Read more

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