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ReDiscovering Penang

Having lived in Penang for 4 years, i didn't really take the chance to really discover the island. I am most famous amongst my frens for staying within a few kms from wherever i live, even now in KL, i hardly ever venture out except for really good food. i use traffic most of the time as an excuse but basically, why go any further when everything i need is within my 4KM radius.

During the Vesak weekend, some frens and I decided to get out of KL and go to Penang. Me and Ms T were to serve as tour guides seeing I lived there before and she is actually from Penang. I must say we both did some discovering of our own.

A fren commented this could be a movie poster. Damn right!

We took this pic whilst taking a walk thru Stewart Lane, Chulia Street and Armenian Street. We started off from the Straits Collection hotel and while we walked, we saw.....

The pace in Penang

Cute lil cafe which had like 2 tables

we got tired

Up next.....what we ate!

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aiyah! i was there that weekend!
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good him if I can go for a holiday or stroll in penang. ..
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