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The chimp is always the best

Long time I haven't put a new entry.

I have a lot of stuff going on right now but i think we all have.

So no excuses.

Here a new one I got in my Netvibesthis morning coming from Gizmodo.

It's called the Man vs the Beast a guest who i the winner (hint in the title of this entry).

Checkout the video ...Read more

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A Cambodian artist has been fine 1500 euros (damn!! almost 2200 USD) in France because she has kissed a panel called from the artist Cy Twombly.

I agree she should have done that and destroying art (or anything) is bad.


The so called famous panel is just a white board estimated 2 millions USD. Where is the art ?

Anybody can "create" a white panel. There is no creation because the panel is already white.

It reminds me a French comedy called "les trois freres" ( Read more

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I have just seen on CNN an article about the most CO2 producers in the world.

Guest what, we got our own one in HK.

The well know Castle peak area for its power plant implantation is one of the most CO2 polluters in the world.

I don't know what's worse. A country like France with almost all power coming from nuclear plant. less short term damage but what about the waste. Or something like China, USA, HK, India  with almost power coming from coal or oil.

I hope we will all moving toward wind or solar energy.

...Read more
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This morning I received an email from a friend about a very sad story.

Just for the sake of ART, a guy chained a dog to a wall and forbid anybody to give him any food or water.

Of course during the exposition the dog died.

But the most amazing thing is that guy (Guillermo Habacuc Vargas) has been chosen to represent his country (Costa Rica) to the Bienal Centroamericana Honduras 2008.

How can people support him. What would they say if I  take a homeless guy, chain him to a wall and let him starve to death? I would be a mon...Read more

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Really funny

You probably already know this one but I just find it and it's really funny.

There are some crazy men to imagine that.


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Respect party

The first party I have with AnD and it was a big turnout.

I met a lot of people (Event a French guy), users and artists of AnD as well.

I discover some big big artist.(I can't name them all but DJ TKO, Conroy, 24 Herbs,...)

Even if I has listen to some of...Read more

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A little bit of sport

Long time I have watched sport on TV.

I use to watched football (soccer) in France, but from K it's not available at a decent time.

I also used to watch Rugby (Hey I come from south of France).

I was really exited about this world which take place in France, but I move a year too early.

Anyway, I have watched the first match of the French team and I was so disappointed that I only watched the last one of the pool.

BUT I had to watch the quarter-final against the NZ. The best team in the world ...Read more

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The past

Yesterday I had a very good time with an old friend of mine.

We haven't seen each other for 15 years.(since high school) Remembering the past is always fun.

She lives in Mauritius so it's quite hard to see her, but luckily she has was on a business trip in HK.

All the things that seems to be important at the time wasn't in fact.

The big party with the Gun's Roses ultra loud, the nights on the beach all those thing we enjoyed so much.

Each of us has kept a lot of contacts with some of our frien...Read more

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Blog: Friday, Sep 28

Amazon just launch their iTunes like portal.

What's cool about amazon (for books, DVD, ..) it's their way to let you know what you might like.

Because if someone has bought the same stuff as you you might also like what he has vought previously.

They are applying the same idea to their portal.

So you can navigate through a lot of artist w/o even knowing them.

The music is cheap for a good quality and in MP3.

That mean you can put the song on any compatible device (almost all device)...Read more

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a new guy in the team

Welcome to this blog.

I'm the latest developer from [alive not dead].

I hope I (ok..the [alive not dead] team) will bring you all the stuffs you want for [alive not dead].

If you need some support in French I can provide some (even though there is not a French word in the whole website).

But you can drop me a message in French if you want to.

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