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Weird body

A small trick from your body.

Just play this video over and over.

It seems the sound is getting higher but it's the same every time.

This is why http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Shepard_tone Watch More How to and DIY videos

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French May and more

Like every May it's the French May in HK.

This year some of the artists will sing in English.

It seems there is more and more French singers who feels English is a good way to reach a wider audience.

I let you listen to some of their songs.

I really like the first one (AARON with their album Artificial Animals Riding On Neverland (get it ?)) )

AARON - u-Turn (lili) Read more

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Pulitzer and photo-journalism

Everybody remember the Burma crackdown few month ago.

Last week Pulitzer price were awarded and specially one that refer to the death of this Japanese journalist (Kenji Nagai) to Adrees Latif.

I always thought that photo-journalism was one of the hardest way to inform people. Even with new technologies you have to be there, not 200m away. You have to be near the action. It's not like TV where you have the sound to carry some informations (don't get me wrong here, I just think it's 2 diferent thing but...Read more

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I will start a series of blogs about new usage of internet. (After all I'm a tech guy so tech interest me).

The first one is about micro-blogging. It's not really new but more and more site and usage are found.

It seems to suit more people. So what's micro-blogging?

Micro-blogging is a form of blog but limited to around 200 characters.

So why it's different from regular blogging?

The micro-blogging is more about taliking about yourself, what your are doing right now,...

The length ...Read more

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Too bad, it's not released in HK

Ok, I'm an all time lover of Michel Gondry work.

TV commercial, video clip (Bjork) and movie director (Eternal sunshine of a spotlessmind).

I just stumble upon on the trailer of his last movie: "Be kind rewind". It's has been release in US last moth and it will probably not be release in HK but I will buy the DVD online.

The trailer is so funny and Jack Black is really a master in this kind of films.

There is also Danny Glover (2 weeks ago I just re-watch all Lethal Weapon...Read more

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Appleseed Ex-Machina

I just watched Appleseed ex-Machina.

I remember the first appleseed great story but the graphics was  ok not better.

But for ex-machina I was really blown away.

Sometimes it really look like a real movie.

The gestures, textures, physics, emotions, ... everything is there.

If you got a chance to watch, it really worth it if you like SF.

Appleseed 2 : Ex Machina - Bande Annonce

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So geeky but I love it

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Finally, Youtube has update is service.

Now you can watch all video in high quality(you have to download the latest falsh player) .

Here is a small test.

Standard video:

HD Video:

It speaks for itself.

So now you can upload your videos in much higher resolution (ok, only in 480 x 360 pixels).

To watch a HD video on youtube, just add &fmt=18 at the end of the URL

As you can see it takes much longer to get the video.(it still in a beta mode so you can probably have some unexpected behav...Read more

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She's the man

Marion Cottilard has just became the 2nd French actress to win the "Best Actress in a Leading Role" Academy award nearly 50 years after Simone Signoret.

She is a wonderful actress and I hope it will bring her more international opportunities.

Don't forget Juliette Binoche for her great ...Read more

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Drinking and uploading pictures

Ok my bad.

Never drink, get back home, upload your picture and tag them while your watching 28 days later.

My apologies to Daniel Wu and Chris Kong.

Thanks Etchy for fixing my mess.

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