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What about Mario Kart ?

                SNAKE Game in the Student House - video powered by Metacafe

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I'm really exited.

This week end I was watching hallmark channel (or HBO maybe) I think when I saw some ad for SciFi channel coming in Hong-Kong  July 1st.

Finally I will see the last season of Battlestar Gallactica. (eureka is already on some other channel).

The only channel I want now in Hong Kong is 13th street and I wont leave my  ever ;-)

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Is that true?

I don't want to be disrespectful to anybody, and this video is on Youtube for about 2 years, but it's a little bit scary, don't you think ?

You can probably find people like that in every country though.

Video: http://youtube.com/watch?v=fJuNgBkloFE

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Yesterday a bunch of us headed to a theater to watch the new Indy.

It was much awaited even though I had lowered my expectation because of the long gestation of this movie.

I read a couple of article from people who had watched it in Cannes and I could really understand why people were not happy about this movie (after all this is Indy) until yesterday.

I really feel that I lost my evening.

The script is horrible, there is no surprise, there are a lot of shortcuts, it's inconsistent, it's not even funny.Read more

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Skarks faith

According to the IUCN the population of sharks is declining rapidly.

11 oceanic pelagic species are threatened with extinction.

This is mainly because of Asian consumption of shark fin soup.

The strange thing is that most of the endangered species have quota but not sharks.

I do believe (maybe I'm wrong) that Jaws has something to do with that.

Everybody fears sharks now (even if most of them ...Read more

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So long already.

I have watched few TV series/movies that are around 10/20 years ago. It always amaze me how fast technology is going.

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Wanna race ?

Ok, that funny. Just find a new silly game that prevent you from working.

It's called TypeRacer.

You can practice and even race again other player (and even race against your friend)

WARNING: It's addictive


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This morning I was at an ATM to get some cash.

One of the ATM was "temporarily out of order", an then it did that :

It reboot under window XP. After reboot it was still out of order.

Hopefully it will not gonna crash when I will get some cash next time ;-)

it reminds me an old picture I got in the MTR:

Read more

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I have been in HK for more than a year and a half and the only thing I know in Chinese is where I live.

I don't have a lot of time to learn, so I tried to find a different way to learn.

I stumble upon ChinesePod.com. Basically it's just lesson in a podcast format. but you can have more.

It's only for Mandarin so it's almost useless in HK, but you have to start somewhere and Mandarin seems easier than Cantonese.

Hope I can learn a little bit. I'm kind of jealous of some Read more

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Flying Lilo

One of my cats doesn't play alone. She's always watching her brother playing with a bottle cap or whatever he finds, but she's always waiting for us to play with her).

And what she really likes is catching in the air one of her toy.

So one the last time I played with her, I took a few picture of her in the air.

She really is a crazy little girl ;-)

Ok, I just add a...Read more

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