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Video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=X_IrqTbpTeA What do you regret ?

For me : not taking English class seriously when I was young.

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Very cool application.

Shazam is a service that listen to a bit of music and tells you what song it is.

Before it did it by SMS.

Now they have an iPhone application.

Check this out.

I want an iPhone just for that.

Video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WkFTcbC9jnk&ap=%2526fmt%3D18

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Yesterday I went to a Capoeira show in Kowllon Park.

I have seen maybe 2 videos on youtube or TV related to Capoeira so I had no expectation what so ever.

I was kind of afraid because at the beginning nobody showed up but it get better later (as usual in HK every event start late).

I was really surprise. First this is not a male only martial art. There are girl training with the guys and it's good. I was also amazed because it really seems easy to do (but I'm pretty sure it's not when it's your turn).

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Open source

Cool representation of what open source is.

Python is a script language used to create web application and standalone application (google has hired the creator)

To be able to work with multiple people on the same source code, developer use a erpository capable of holding every modification made to the source code(so there is no trouble if somebody modify the source code of somebody else. you can roll back the modification).

Every actions of sending your code to the repository is called a commit.

that's what is ...Read more

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Let's spread it

Today is the Firefox day.

The long awaited Firefox 3 is launched.

Want to be part of a World Guinness book record ?


Just download it.

If you are using Firefox 2 you will see the difference.

It's really fast.

Just verify that your favorite add on has been converted to the new Firefox 3 API.

Edit: It's now over. The record is now at 5,557,352 do...Read more

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I did it...

With the help of some insiders (Stephen, ...?) in the office my girlfriend organized a secret trip to Macau. I learn about that on Sunday evening. So Monday morning we headed to Macau and the MGM ( we went to the MGM in Las Vegas).

Nice hotel so far and the casino is really great (probably the best after the Sands).

But the surprise was not only about the trip.

During 4 days we did some go-kart (a first for her), some spa, a lot of gambling, eating, TV-ing, and...

..something I thought I would never been able to do...Read more

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When I went in France back in December I was stunted by a new form of dance called Tecktonik.

It's a new form born in a popular club near Paris.

To me it's really ridiculous just to watch it. But it's even ridiculous when it's -6C outside and some weirdo start dancing in the middle of the street w/ some small clothes on him w/o any music (not even an ipod).

You can see want it looks like :

http://...Read more

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Thanks to everybody yesterday for reminding me that I'm getting old ;-)

No really thanks, it's been a great day yesterday (but the weather) Everybody called me, send me a message, an email, sms and some even send a message to Narom for my birthday.

So thanks to everybody.

Yesterday evening I had a diner at home with my girlfriend and I had some wonderful gift.

I'm really tired today because I have barely slept tonight. I was to busy playing ...Read more

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I'm have been visited

Because I don't blog or upload pictures a lot I don't have a lot of visits.

But during the last 4 days I got a lot of them

91 visitors.

I don't really know why BTW.

Maybe because of my birthday or I have been tagged somewhere.

Anyway, I have tried to replied to everybody (or I will).

Thanks for visiting !!

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Sun burn

I don't really know how it is possible, but last Saturday with some of the guys in the office and some friends we had a boat trip. It was cloudy, cold (according to my standards it seems only).

I didn't undress, got in the water on anything. I just went 10 minutes on the top of the boat because it was to crowded on the main floor.

I still managed to get sun burn. It wasn't big but still red a little bit on my arms.

Next time I will go with body armor, long sleeves,  cap, glasses...

My skin sucks. Read more

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