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LHC, fear and sadness

Everybody has heard about the LHC (this big machine in Geneva that smash atoms ).

I read a lot of blog and newspaper about the end of the world coming. Some scientists even receive death threat.

A lot of people who don't have access to scientific knowledge (even some who have) start to believe in this crap.

And Yesterday a 16 years old girl from India committed suicide because she feared the end of the world was coming.

That's really sad. All of this because "Each collision of a pair of proto...Read more

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Who has never been in Math class wondering what the big guy was talking about. All those big equations on the black board.

Trying again and again to solve all those mystical problems.

I have the solutions and for one this is a good one.

Mathway doesn't only give you the right result but how and why it get there.

I wish I could have that ....15y ago.

If you are still in school use it to verify your results not to cheat...

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Everybody knows how hard it is to keep working out.

Everybody is ready to start but how many of us are stopping after a few sessions.

There are hundreds of website to help you out with your workout/diet.

I use gyminee.com because they have a really good iphone website.

I try to be accurate when I report my workouts (not so with what I'm eating tho)

It helps to see people with the same questions about the best way to loose weight and/or gain shape.

W...Read more

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Sine I have jailbroken my iPhone I can use all Cydia apps.

One of them is Qik which is a stream video recorder for Qik (the website).

The news in HK today is Nuri.

For now this is a alert number 8 9on a 10 scale) but it will be increased in the next few hours.

So since I Qik installed I will record some short video from my apartment.

The first one (at 11:50 HKT)

Stay tuned !

Another one.

Nuri is now 60 km from HK. They are gonna raise the warning level pretty soon.

Update 1:45 PMRead more

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How old...

There is a big controversy lately about the age of some Chinese athletes.

N.Y Times first report this (and then was spread around the world).

One guy didn't take anybody word and try to find the truth.

Amazing and if it's true it's cheating.

http://strydehax.blogspot.com/2008/08/hack-olympics.html (Part I)

h...Read more

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I love this girl ;-)

See Paris Hilton Responds to McCain Ad and more funny videos on FunnyOrDie.comSee more funny videos at Funny or Die

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New realism in video game

I want that on my xBox (battlefield BC with that and you fell at war)Imagine that on Ace Combat or the upcoming Hawx.

Video: http://www.youtube.com/v/_AO0F5sLdVM&hl=en&ap=%2526fmt%3D18

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New museum !!

That make a trip to the museum more interesting!

                Extinct, my ASS! from The Original Joe Fisher on Vimeo.

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Dark knight : Awesome

I just came back from seeing the Dark knight.

This movie is probably the best I have ever seen.

I don't really know if Etchy and I have seen the same movie.

I haven't really see any contradiction or long boring scenes.

To me it deserve a 11/10.

All characters are twisted, the story is twisted but it's much more entertaining than a linear Spiderman or  any previous superhero story.

This  movie looks real, into the real world not in wonderland.

I hope Heath Ledger will ge...Read more

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