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Music Matters

I haven t blog for ages. I have been pretty busy working on new stuff for AnD. (I know what a lame excuse)But this morning I went to Music Matters.It's a conference in Asia (several in fact but one is held in Hong Kong).I was really interested by the co-founder of Spotify which was the first one to be held.But one thing lid to another, I stay for the whole morning.I have to say that it was really interesting.Many people have different views on the same problem. For example I really like Spotify. I got the chance to have an account because it's available in France. And I mostly listen to music only from Spotify. I think it's a great legal alternative to anything out there. On the flip-side, artist might not feel the same about Spotify. Even though it reduce piracy it doesn't provide enough revenue for artists. So they are less than trilled about that.At the end of the morning I got the chance to have a talk with a really nice guy, down to earth guy.Looking forward for day 2.

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Anything that helps to reduce piracy should be welcomed, it is a step in the right direction with Spotify.
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Rottendoubt a4 patrick
dang so lucky! i'm a coward. =D
almost 11 years ago
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sweet! I saw him on Friday night in LKF, but I didn't get a chance to talk him very long, I just gave him some AnD stickers! :-D
almost 11 years ago
Elena dd unset 18
WAHHAHAHAA....Banker you look a bit different now
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