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Get ready for Wednesday 9h26am

On Wednesday a sun eclipse will occur across Asia. From India to japan you will be able to see the eclipse at various stage.

In HK, the sun will be occulted by 76%.  DONT LOOK AT THE SUN DIRECTLY it will burn your eyes really quickly.

Use Mylar glasses or project the sun one a flat white surface.

If you are in China and specifically in Shanghai you should be able to see an almost total eclipse. Don't miss that. It really something that you have to experience. The temperature drop almost instantly, everything become quiet.

More info for Hong Kong


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i'm going to get a magnifying glass.
over 11 years ago
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eclipses are so kewl. Esp a solar eclipse.
over 11 years ago
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will the pollution layer protect my eyes from being burned?
over 11 years ago
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je l'ai vu l'eclipse en direct de guilin ! bon j'ai regardé avec mes lunettes de soleil, un peu XDDD
over 11 years ago


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