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Battlefield 1943

I'm a geek, everybody knows that.

I like video games, computer, scifi ...

I have a lot of xbox 360 game (half of a drawer).

Anyway, a small revolution has hit xbox 360 (and PS3) last week. The Battlefield series has been around for several years now with a lot of spin off (Bad compagny, vietnam, vietnam ...)

Until now you had to buy a game in a store in order to play.

Last week EA release Battlefield 1943 but instead of bying the game in a store you had to download it from Xbox server.

This is an online game only (so you have to be a paid member of Xbox live) but the game is much cheaper compare to a regular game. In HK you can find game for about 200-300 HKD where has this one is 1200MS point (~120HKD).

The game use the same engine as Battlefield Bad Company (Frostbite engine).

That mean you can almost destroyu anything in the game (building, trees, ground, ...)

The game has only 3 maps but it doesn't really matter because you are only playing against real people and every game will be different.

The game is really fun and this business model can totally bypass established distribution networks (watch out HMV, play asia, ...)

I hope more game will be released this way. Lower price mean more game can be bought.

The game has been a real success as EA had to add a lot more server all around the world to handle the number of users.

Millions of frags have already been registered which really means that people like this kind of stay-in-front-of-your-tv distribution model.

If you like FPS and you have a PS3 or xBox360 (http://www.battlefield1943.com/)

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Rottendoubt a4 patrick
sounds like a fun game. =)
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