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McDonald in France

The new commercial for MacDonald in France: Video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SBuKuA9nHsw

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Music Matters

I haven t blog for ages. I have been pretty busy working on new stuff for AnD. (I know what a lame excuse)But this morning I went to Music Matters.It's a conference in Asia (several in fact but one is held in Hong Kong).I was really interested by the co-founder of Spotify which was the first one to be held.But one thing lid to another, I stay for the whole morning.I have to say that it was really interesting.Many people have different views on the same problem. For example I really like Spotify. I got the chance to have an account because i...Read more

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Awesome new interface

There is a lot of buzz around NUI (Natural User Interface). Basically in it's interface that require more of you and use less proxies to interact with a machine (touch screen instead of using the cursor of a mouse). Every geek knows that a wiimote is used in more ways that just playing with a wii. Since it's a bluetooth remote, any recent computer with an appropriate software can use the accelerometer informations.Check out this new video where a wii mote is used in conjunction with VR glasses.Worried about breaking your new TV ...Read more

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Get ready for Wednesday 9h26am

On Wednesday a sun eclipse will occur across Asia. From India to japan you will be able to see the eclipse at various stage.

In HK, the sun will be occulted by 76%.  DONT LOOK AT THE SUN DIRECTLY it will burn your eyes really quickly.

Use Mylar glasses or project the sun one a flat white surface.

If you are in China and specifically in Shanghai you should be able to see an almost total eclipse. Don't miss that. It really something that you have to experience. The temperature drop almost instantly, e...Read more

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Battlefield 1943

I'm a geek, everybody knows that.

I like video games, computer, scifi ...

I have a lot of xbox 360 game (half of a drawer).

Anyway, a small revolution has hit xbox 360 (and PS3) last week. The Battlefield series has been around for several years now with a lot of spin off (Bad compagny, vietnam, vietnam ...)

Until now you had to buy a game in a store in order to play.

Last week EA release Battlefield 1943 but instead of bying the game in a store you had to download it from Xbox server.

Thi...Read more

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Job needed!

Ok it's not for me. I'm happy with mine  But My brother in law want to find a job or an internship.He's willing to come to Hong Kong. I already talked about his work.Just let me know if you know somebody who might need a 3d modeler (he's really good at that).He's also pretty good with website (techinical and design)Spread the word!Thanks a lot

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Nice stuff

My soon-to-be brother in law is doing some nice stuff during his free time.

He just graduate and is looking for a job. He doesn't take too seriously his graphic design skills but to me he seems very good.

check this out


http://forums.cgsociety.org/s...Read more

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All you need to know when you are in front the camera

I think the title says it all.


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