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✨ Glad to complete this 30hrs counselling course with this group of affinity-people last month and hope can put-in-use what it has taught one in real-life to more understand & assist people when needed ✨

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✨ Even if the 4 seasons may never come back to you again , the 4 seasons of mine will still be there for you like before ? ✨ - unknown poet

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✨ Be realistic about it rather than over positive-or-negative as it is a fine balance between the both ✨

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✨ May your true-heart be the governing-force of your universe ✨

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✨ Internal affairs 无间道1 天台片段 2002 - one of Hk best movie scenes by Andy Lau and Tony Leung where Andy Lau real identity as a mole in the police force has been discover by undercover cop tony Leung where both agreed to meet at the roof top to sort things out & the scenes involved a lot of inner-heart-acting apart from natural-acting & can see both trying their best to show & compete to let the audience see who is the better one & this video give one a lot inspiration and strength when needed to do a scene which require a lot of inner-heart-acting as it...Read more

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✨ A good deal isn't always be the real deal ✨

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✨ Life like a movie script , each writing their own for their life script ✨

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✨ Great to meet up with a true-soulmate-friend ytd for her completing the last day of her important life journey. Know her since jan 14' and somehow know what she has gone through during this challenging journey which believe not many people can reach that kind of expectation she have gotten despite facing all that esp the long travel to and fro everyday coupled with her freelance work yet gotten into the dean list. She is someone who will lift the spirit-&-vibes of one when in contact with her and can adapt to different situation and eat all food. The great t...Read more

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A happy coincidence meet-up with my friend from Costa Rica at Holland V since June meeting & glad it happen at such a positive-vibe-place one always feel with only the selfie not taken to one delight but overall thank heaven for make the night always beautiful there ✨

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✨ 張國榮 - 追 ( 金枝玉葉版 ) = A song that understand what one is chasing after for while going through it sang by HK forever No1 Singer-Actor Leslie Cheung ✨

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This Blog Is Specially Create :D For The & Onli Mediacorp Queen Actress Fiona Xie Spore #1 Actress Of All Time ******* :)


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March 15, 2008

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