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Teeter Hang Ups Scam

The Teeter Hangs Ups inversion equipment has been available since the 1980's and was adopted for therapy sessions to deal with chronic back pains, plus some spinal alignment problems. Known as inversion therapy, this process involved hanging your body inverted or at other inverted angles for various medical benefits. Nowadays, the Teeter Hang Ups system includes the inversion tables, instructional DVDs, stretching and exercise guides that include a five-year warranty.

The Teeter Hang Ups inversion table is straightforward and easy to use; just set the preferred height and angle, lock the position after which start using it. To ensure utmost comfort and safety, the material utilized in this equipment experienced a strict inspection and passed quality guidelines. It's made from a patented Flex Technology with triple-plated chrome and a top quality heat-treated steel that are thicker than most standard fitness equipment. The wider lower A-frame also increases safety and prevents the table from sliding on hard floors and surfaces. Teeter Hangs Ups are categorized into four: the most popular EP series, the more user-friendly Contour series, the lower priced Fit Form series and the more expensive Power series. There's also accessories such as the gravity boots, cushions and special handles.

Teeter Hang Ups Reviews

The gear could be set at angles ranging from 20 degrees to 60 degrees, depending on the stages of the therapy sessions. The more advanced levels even go in a full 90 degrees for deeper stretching. They're made to decompress and relax the spine. Both the younger and older customers alike can attest to the health benefits of this inversion table. Some users say it minimized and even removed their back pains and helped them to sleep better. They can also improve posture and adaptability, and relieve tense muscles. Other benefits include improved circulation, better spine alignment and reduced nerve pressure. With increased regular therapy sessions, users just felt significantly better and healthier overall, which will help them avoid future medical problems and surgeries.

As with any exercise equipment, it's still vital that you exercise some precaution. Pregnant women, individuals with eye diseases and people with high blood pressure level should consult their doctor before using Teeter Hang Ups. It also helps to have someone nearby to assist while using the inversion tables, specifically for first time users. Comfortable, safe and effective, Teeter Hang Ups could be a great health investment, not only for all those undergoing therapy, but to anyone who needs help relieving their back problems.

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August 16, 2012