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6/ Consistent and clear value: Communication, social, identity, media, and payments combined in a way that makes sense

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5/ Users don't feel their experience is being built for ad perf optimization, also social validation when everyone you know is also using it

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4/ #1 User trust derived from excellent experience: No spammy growth tactics, user experience consistently ahead of business interests

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3/ @WeChatApp Impact was not in "conversational commerce". WeChat's success in expanding out of chat derives mainly from 2 things IMHO

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2/ Perhaps because of @WeChatApp impact in China, but perhaps some lessons are being missed. IMHO here are some important things to learn:

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1/ Great article from my colleague @DanGrover on the "conversational UI" trend @conniechan @benthompson https://t.co/bbgxZb444p

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@nytimes front page. Though not naming @WeChatApp by name, hopefully its still a plug for its numerous innovations. https://t.co/GP2rmQXufk

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woooooooohoooooooo! Go Warriors!!!

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Another Linklater gem with some fresh tomatoes at the end of the trailer. I'm definitely catching this when I'm back in LA. Patrick Senh Evan

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