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Stickers stickers stickers!!! https://t.co/txyLBA0P4g

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Opening night for the new wing at he Tate Modern and our last day in London... Returning to China tomorrow night.

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It's the Queen's 90th birthday and we came out early to watch the parade!

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Flight arrived several hours late, luggage still hasn't arrived, but we're happy to be in London.

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RT @WeChatApp: It's time to get sharing! Invite friends, get free calls around the world with WeChat Out: https://t.co/qk4cHjFdKD https://t…

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CEO Pony Ma just announced that WeChat+Mobile QQ have already surpassed 500M mobile payment transactions per day. https://t.co/JJanzXXIue

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Any other friends going to be in HK for the RISE conference at the end of this month? Let me know!

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4/4 And likely at least a billion $$$s of wealth transfer from those XTRA giving lovers who send ¥520 red packets via WeChat. Happy 520!

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3/4 Over 8M ¥520 red packets sent as of 6pm... 520 = "i luv u" in Chinese. Many billions of $$$s will transferred as a sign of affection.

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2/4 Many hapless Chinese boyfriends and husbands sending ¥520 red packets to significant others. How many u ask? https://t.co/4XSH6UBN3G

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