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Video link for my WeChat Lifestyle talk: 877M daily logged in users + new ways 4 brands to tap into them.… https://t.co/WA5dYy30qi

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Join me at #RISEConf on Centre Stage @ 3:20pm as I present data exploring the "WeChat Lifestyle". Introducing servi… https://t.co/H9yqyZL5YC

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Gratified for my current employer (@WeChatApp) & my former company (@RottenTomatoes) highlighted on the same page.… https://t.co/AsiCer9hEw

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RT @danbrody: Meeker/Hillhouse Internet report: Tencent apps over half all daily time in Chinese mobile apps for 3+ years, plus games & pay…

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Who lives, who dies, who tells your story https://t.co/MgdAKqFH6l

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RT @ruima: 29% of @Starbucks China transactions now go thru @WeChatApp Pay. Amazing! What's Apple Pay % in US I wonder? https://t.co/RHFh7X…

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2/ Curious when we see "cash accepted" signage when stores begin advertising that they also actually accept cash

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1/ Ubiquity: when stores like FamilyMart remove their payment method graffiti cuz everyone just knows "of course We… https://t.co/imQwOltV78

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China's world-leading mobile payments ecosystem paper is excellent. $7.4T last yr in online/mobile retail txns. https://t.co/TTjLn6i7pI

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@ruima I believe this is a new iOS keyboard feature using semantic analysis + what's in your clipboard to auto predict. Sorry, not WeChat's.

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