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Starting an epic trip for the next 20+ days: Guangzhou -> Xiamen -> Hong Kong -> San Francisco -> Los Angeles -> San Francisco -> Hong Kong -> Beijing -> Guangzhou. I've only packed five changes of clothes (and a suit for the wedding in HK). Let's see how well my light packing goes...

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A budding talent passed away 23 years ago... Brandon Lee https://t.co/hTwo6TZLEr

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Thanks @conniechan for clarifying WeChat's design for delivering 3rd party services like McDonalds delivery. https://t.co/aRRe1fytl5

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On her annual trip to visit us in China with side trips to Guilin and Osaka/Kyoto/Himeiji

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It's been over ten years since my only trip to London (or Europe for that matter) as I kind of got distracted by this whole Asia-thing. Well, Amy and I are going to London and surrounding areas in June. Kind of a broad request, I know, but I can use friends' tips for where to go and stay during our two week vacation.

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Eating our way through Osaka on the way to Kyoto

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I've finally caught up on all my 2015 flicks and prepared my list of faves. What was your fave film of 2015?

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A week in Boston and now I'm on the way back to Guangzhou. Happy to be a mentor for Harvard SEED for Social Innovation and gave talks at Harvard Business School and at the MIT Asian Career Fair.

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RT @ruima: Move over Skype, @WeChatApp calls (to 200 countries) is the real deal, stellar call quality even over my 2G roaming, $15 for 166…

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I'm off tonight to another week in Boston for work. I've already loaded up my iPad with Oscar movies to catch up on the plane: "The Revenant", "Room", "Spotlight", "Sicario". Will they surpass my fave movies of last year? 1) Mad Max: Fury Road, 2) Creed, 3) The Martian, 4) Spy, 5) The Big Short. Which ones were your faves? Still need to find "Brooklyn"...

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