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Stephanie Loh

Too Good To Be True

Welcome to the world of deceit, corruption, cut-throat, dishonesty and blood-money-sucking industry.

“Be careful!”

I thought I went through this stage already! When I came out of college at age 20, I was fooled by modelling agencies into paying money for things I should have been sponsored.

7 years later, I almost fell into another trap. There are always risks in every business and career.

“Be nice but fearless! (but be smart too!)”

How true and real it is, I would probably never know. But researching online and reading what experts in the industry say, and what forums and guides and tips and advises tell you… You can’t blame me for being the skeptical, weary self that I am! I’m protecting myself, and my pocket!

I realised the cunning strategy… A company that seemed to follow the rules and the code of ethics, a company that almost seemed like they were going to do everything by the book… To the benefit of the model… Turned around and slapped themselves in the face… And almost mine too!

“If you don’t feel right, something mustn’t be right!”

Exactly! I spent all day pondering, debating, weighing options, analysing, researching… I wasted so much energy on this… The answer was shouting out to me! And that was the first thing I learnt!

“Don’t ever pay for anything BEFORE getting a job!”

I was blinded! I convinced myself that I had faith in the company.
Oh I know I have the potential, I might need some coaching, practice and learning experiences but I know I can do it! But now, I don’t know if the company is good enough. And proven so, they are not!

Thank you dear friend, you cleared my clouded head. I’m thankful that we’ve acquinted just in time!

“Things happen for a reason!”

Yup they sure do!

Now I learn, I’ll keep the faith, be smart, be logical, be practical, be nice but be fearless!

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Modelling Agencies

So, I got contacted by 4 modelling agencies.  However, I'm gonna be really careful since there are alot of modelling agencies really just out to get money from talents.

I am thankful that I have a friend in the business that's currently visiting Toronto and I hope she can help me out in 'sorting' out the modellling stuff.  Nonetheless, I'm also hoping that these agencies are tied in with a talent company (or they do both)...

I have an appointment tomorrow so wish me luck people! :) 

I would appreciate any advise as to what to look out for and/or beware of when talking to these modelling companies... Thanks!

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Visit my official blog :)

Hello Everyone,

I have a new blog.. do come visit it when you are free.

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The silence is broken

It is finally time to break the silence.  Initially, I figured I don't have anything to update here on AnD since I was in transition with my migration to Canada.  And though I have been in Canada for the past.. let's see... 8 months?, I couldn't do anything.  I couldn't work, do modelling, acting, or even take classes.  So life was mundane.  But guess what, it's time to break the silence.

1.  I am officially a Canadian Permanent Resident!

2.  I can finally work!

So... I know they've been waiting! :) So, brace yourselves, I'm out and about and ready for some action.

Haha.. I'm being optimistic here.  Wish me luck! :)

If anyone has any networks, contacts that could help me out, in any area of Media Production or Talent requirements, it would be truly appreciated.  Even a simple mention or referral would be a gem!

Thanks all!  Nice to be back!

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Nearly 5months in Canada

It's been nearly 5months in Canada.  And today marks the first snowfall of the year. :)

Still no PR yet so nothing I can do about work, acting, modelling and the likes.  But keep crossing your fingers for me.

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3 months in Canada

Hello World,

It's been about 3 months in Canada now.  I'm settling in pretty well and just getting used to all the major changes in life. 

There's very little I can do right now since I am just waiting for my PR to be approved but I'm looking to expand my media networking.  If you know anyone from Canada (BC or Ontario) that is interesting in networking with an actress/talent/model, do feel free to refer me :)

Hopefully I can get some stuff done soon enough. :) Cross your fingers for me! :)

PS:  A shout-out to Ann :)



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Alright, finally!  I'm finally settled in Canada.

Will see what happens from here.  Anyone need an actress in Toronto? :)

See ya soon!

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sorry for the totally lack of updates and disappearance.

in a nutshell...

i was busy with the wedding!  and entertaining overseas guests, went to HK for a week, came back, was sick, got better.. went to australia and now i'm crazy packing my room, shipping and preparing for immigration!

come mid july, i'll be in Canada.

wish me luck. 

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Sweet Dreams and Turtle Soup Screening

We had so much fun today.  Even after years after it was first screened on TV, seeing SDTS coming out on Big Screen strikes such and emotional experience for me.  I was very excited and I think the event went great! 

Just having Mabel (the director), Xiang Yun and myself and others around just brought back so much memories.  And even as the questions were posted, it felt like it was just yesterday that we finished filming! :)

So some reason, the movie look better on big screen.. and I thoroughly enjoyed it even after watching it so many times! :)  And I am glad the audience enjoyed it as much as I did!

Xiang Yun and I cried at the scenes again.. which is funny but amazing... lol!

Some pics from the event:

"Talkback" with Director Mabel Gan and casts Xiang Yun and Stephanie Loh (me!).

From left:  Huihui (PM), Mabel (Director), Xiang Yun and Stephanie Loh

Mother and daughter!

From Left:  Huihui (PM), Andrew Millians (Script Consultant), Isaac, Mabel (Director), Xiang Yun and Stephanie Loh.

Thanks for coming to support guys!  It means alot! :)

From Left:  Jae, Stephanie, Clement

After the screening... what's more bonding that a wonderful time eating together! SUPPER!

Tau Huay (Soya Bean Curd) at Geylang... :)

Xiang Yun, Stephanie and Edmund Chen.

Anyway, Sweet Dreams and Turtle Soup will be showing at Sinema (11B Mt. Sophia, B1-12)until 15th February 09.  The dates as follows:

February 8th @ 4:20pm

February 12th @ 6:15pm

February 13th @ 4:20pm

February 15th @ 4:20pm

If you're in Singapore in the next two weeks, do catch it! :)

Thanks Nicholas!!  It was great to finally meet you! :)

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Sweet Dreams and Turtle Soup


Hello!  So a few months ago, I mentioned that "Sweet Dreams and Turtle Soup" was to be screened at 

Well, through all the preparations, we have finally set a date and time.

Do check out my events for more details! :)

Hope to see you there!!

prefix = v ns = "urn:schemas-microsoft-com:vml" /prefix = o ns = "urn:schemas-microsoft-com:office:office" /Sweet Dreams and Turtle Soup

                                 A classic growing-up story set in Singapore…


“  Sweet Dreams and Turtle Soup tells the coming-of-age story of Sarsi, a sixteen-year-old girl who dreams of a better life away from the family’s turtle soup stall. She is obsessed with studying for the approaching O’levels because she believes that doing well in this important exam is her path to happiness. However, her grandmother falls ill and she is forced by her mother to spend even more time working at the stall. As the exams approach, the stress builds up for Sarsi until she resorts to desperate measures that can only spell disaster.  “

… a story about pursuing dreams, choosing betweenpersonal and family needs, and growing up…

Venue:      Sinema

Address:    11B Mount Sophia B1-12

Date:          7 th Feb, 2009

Time:          8:30pm


Tickets will be sold at the door on the day itself.

Or you can call 6336 9707 to reserve in advance.

Tickets are selling at $8 per ticket.


There will be a Q&A session with Director Mabel Gan, and casts Xiang Yun and Stephanie Loh after the screening.

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