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  • today is the 365th day of me being Miss World Malaysia, Also today is the launch of my Songs' Digital Download.YOu can download my songs via maxis, digi, U-Mobile and Itune. My Full Album will be in All CD shops starting August 19th. Full information please visit www.soowincci.com

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  • Today's Sin Chew

    Wednesday, Aug 8, 2012 1:47PM / Standard Entry

    Thanks to today's Sin Chew, Terima Kasih kpd Sin Chew Daily, 感谢今天的星洲日报


  • Recording for Carta 40 Era

    Wednesday, Aug 8, 2012 1:40PM / Standard Entry

    Recording for this week's Carta 40 Era with Aznil , remember to listen this Sat 12 noon n Repetition on Sun 8 am on Era FM103.3

    Recording bagi Carta 40 Era Dgn Abang Aznil, dengarkanlah 12 Petang Sabtu Ini atau 8 Pagi Ahad Ini kat Era FM

    为马来电台Era FM101.3, 预录这个星期六的节目


  • one FM88.1 Love Guru Team

    Wednesday, Aug 8, 2012 1:09AM / Standard Entry

    With one FM88.1 Love Guru Producer Lucas, n My partner DJ Kyan , Good night n Sweet dreams all ;)

    和one FM88。1 Love Guru 的制作人Lucas和我的拍档Kyan,大家晚安

    Dengan one FM88.1 Love Guru Producer Lucas Dan Partner DJ Kyan, Selamat Malam Semua


  • one FM Love Guru Dessert : Throat Soothing Fruity Sweet Dessert

    Tuesday, Aug 7, 2012 10:04PM / Standard Entry

    Throat Soothing Fruity Sweet Dessert水果润喉糖水

    1 Apple ( 苹果)
    1 Pear (梨)
    1 handful dried longan ( 干龙眼)
    5 dates (红枣)
    1 Pandan leaves (Pandan 叶)
    3 tsp Honey (蜜糖)
    4 bowls of water (水)

    Cut all fruits into big cubes, mix all ingredients together and boil under low fire for 30min


  • one FM Love Guru Topic: Comparison

    Tuesday, Aug 7, 2012 9:57PM / Standard Entry

    10 pm tonight, one FM88.1 Love Guru Topic : " Current partner keep comparing her to his ex, what should she do?"

    今晚10点,oneFM88.1 Love Guru 的话题,"男友一直拿前女友来比较,她该怎么办?"

    10Malam Ini oneFM88.1, Love Guru Topic : " Teman Lelaki Sekarang sering membuat perbandingan Dgn teman wanita yg lepas, apakah yg harus dibuat?"



  • Currently the newly crowned Miss World Malaysia 2008/2009.Now transforming to a singer. A Law Graduate from University of Reading(UK) ...


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