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My 2nd Chinese Single "Leave the man who beat you"快离开打你的男人"

Remember to vote for my 2nd single titled " Leave the man who beat u" on oneFM Top 20 chart everyday's voting time 12-2pm, www.onefm.com.my

Hopefully u all will like this song as it's my first time singing Rock song with such powerful lyrics, I know it contradicts alot with my first single " In my heart ", also hopefully this song won't frighten u all away ;)

请多多支持我在OneFM的第二主打歌:"快离开那个打你的男人",你可以去到 oneFM Hot 20, 为这首我的歌投票,www.OneFM.com.my 投票, 这首歌和"在我心上"的类型是完全相反,我第一次唱怎么摇滚的歌,加上这么重的歌词,希望不会吓到大家;)!

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today is the 365th day of me being Miss World Malaysia, Also today is the launch of my Songs' Digital Download.YOu can download my songs via maxis, digi, U-Mobi

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