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The $25,000 Love Song

Someone started the business!!  =)  Back in school, I wrote a paper about initiating a business for writing custom songs for people - not only love songs, but songs for birthdays, anniversaries, celebrations,… and not only targeted to the men who have difficulty expressing their emotions as the featured article states: http://potw.news.yahoo.com/s/potw/60889/the-25000-love-song.  Haha!  While writing the paper, I did question whether there really was a demand for this… What occasion would someone want to do this for?  How much would someone pay for a customized song?  

Anyhow, someone is doing it now - Brian Alex writes love songs about relationships and here are the basics to his business:

"A custom love song can cost anywhere from $2,000 to $25,000 depending on whether he performs it live or not. Usually he'll record it with studio musicians and deliver two copies of the CD, one framed, the other ready to be played. He writes songs in any style requested. And he says he still sweats out every one of them, sometimes taking two to three weeks to write and record.  He can also turn songs around more quickly, if needed, by working with other musicians."

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Dang bons...you got up so early after talking with me until 2:30 AM???
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Yep, I'm trying to be diligent! There are lots of things I want to accomplish - waking up at 2PM in the day won't help that...
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Wow that's pricey, but I guess it's worth it for such a customized gift if you have the cash.
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