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How to Market Your Music

Applying the marketing strategy framework that I learned in school to selling music: product, price, place, and promotion.  What do you think? IMG_3589 Product - That is your music! How is the quality? How is the brand/image? What do people feel about your music?

Price - List price. Sometimes, pricing something is very tricky. For this, I suppose you could work on other things such as some promotional kits, gimmicks, flyers, holiday promotions, inserts, gifts,.. merchandise is another one.

Place - Location. Where do you sell your music? Electronic downloads mainly? How about the assessibility? How easy is it to find your music? Find you? (ie. Try searching your name.)  Where is your music found streaming through?

Promotion - Advertising. PR and media. How many channels of advertising could you use? There are soo many! Where are good places to appear for shows? How do we get more radio play time? How do you get on online radio? With your audience, what type of show appearances would be a good idea? How about partnering with someone or an organization that might even be able to sponsor you or promote you? Do you have business cards? Pass them out!

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yep. I think this works for anything... =)
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