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The actual tarot reading through help you produce great choices

The relationship between the planetary bodies and human events has always been believed to exist; many nations of the world firmly believe in the power of the Stars and use it to impel their affairs.

No matter how many of you were born on the same day, there will always be difference in your attitudes and character; if that doesn’t convince you that the position of the planers when you were born is responsible, I don’t know what else will.


Each sign has specific traits or characteristics that are manifested by the individuals born under them; for instance the Arian tends to exhibit the stubborn traits of the ram sign the Gemini confuse people with the duality of the twin sign.

Aries is generally known as the sign of the ram and those born under this sign are believed to posses and exhibit the characteristic of a ram; Aries individuals are energetic, enthusiastic, blunt and adventurous They are also given to impulsive decisions and actions from time to time. Arians are born between the 21st of March and the 20th of April.

The blunt side of an Arian is derived, it is believed, from its ruling star sign Aries; however, Arians can be sensitive and soft because of the gentler lamb side to the Aries star sign… it is possible to either be an extreme lamb or an extreme ram…

The twelve-year Astrological cycle of the Chinese culture makes the Chinese calendar a little bit more different from the Western calendar. The Chinese New Year is celebrated somewhere between late January and early February and is dictated by the lunder calendar.

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