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importance of handphone

Finally, i knw handphone play a important role in my life... without handphone, i can't even knw the time...n at the end, i will be LATE... without handphone, i can't contact my frenz n family....at the end, family will worried n nid to use public phone 2 contact my frens when u wanna hang out wif dem...n the main point is, nowadays there r lack of public phones in K.L, especially TARC....>.

without handphone, i can't record down wat lecturer highlight...at the end, jz blank dere... without handphone, i can't ask help from fafa, ask where is DK1....at the end, get lost in TARC... without handphone, i can't play games n listen to my favourite songs...at the end..."bored die" on the way 2 college... without handphone, i can't take photo with the important notes...at the end, nid 2 hand-copy it...but my handwritting kinda "cakar ayam"...so hard 2 understand wat i'm writting...T.T now i'm knw...NO HANDPHONE NO LIFE~~

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