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Stop over in Dubai

The flight with Emirates from Munich to Dubai? Nice. First Class got the nice female flight attendants with tiny Jeannie-hats and attached translucent veils. Naaaaw, I don't want First Class ... Economy is just fine. It come with male eye candy, flavor "tall, dark and handsome".Food was delicious (lamb curry), napping after dinner tough. Folding my 6 feet physique into sleeping position was a challenge. It became substantially easier when the guy next to me fled the locale. Maybe he thought I'd crush him to death turning ...Read more

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T - 8h 36m to Take off ... and counting

The thing with my visa went something like this ...Applied two weeks ago, called Thursday because the visa wasn't there yet. Was asked to come by personally Friday (Office hours 9-12)...

a) Stood in line to pick my Passport/visa up -> Multi-entry-visa denied because I didn't hand in hotel and flight bookings for at least one of the two entries. I should go for single entry instead ... b) To change the application to single entry you have to fill out A NEW FORM (and ...Read more

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When They Let Their Inner Fanboy Out to Play - Ashes of Time Redux, Dachimawa Lee, Sukiyaki Western Django and Crows Zero

 Landscape – San Francisco Coffee Company

(As seen over the rim of a Caffe Latte Large Cinnamon Shot)


Skyscape – A light grey that looks as if it plans to stay till the end of the year

Moodscape – Wrinkled


Soundscape – „Legendary Warriors“ by Read more

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Good bye "Mama Africa"! - Miriam Makeba dies at 76

Miriam Makeba died at an Italian hospital last night where she was brought after she had collapsed stepping down from a stage. You could say, she died performing, you could also say, she died doing what she had been doing all her life - taking a stand for what she believed in. She gave this very ...Read more

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Wrestling with Angels - Documentary about Tony Kushner

An election-related conversation reminded me of   Wrestling With Angels (2006) by Freida Lee Mock (entry on imdb, here), a documentary that follows the artist and activist Tony Kushner for three years, from ...Read more

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Birthday Booty :-)

**Because MJ asked

what the best thing was

I got for my birthday

and overwhelmed me didn't know what to say.*My sisters came from Berlin and Frankfurt just for this one evening, friends started dropping in around 7 pm, three phone lines were busy all through the day and I got TWO birthday cakes.I loooove birthdays (especiallymine):-) Read more

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Asia Filmfest 08 - Largest Asian Film Festival in Germany

Guess where I'll be most likely to be found between Oct. 30 and November 12? Yep, In the comfy darkness of a movie theater ...ASIA FILMFEST 08As an audience magnet for Asians, Asia lovers, and film fans in general, the Asia Filmfest not only offers its visitors the opportuni...Read more

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Where "Bambi" Roams Chinese Pastures

Making up for a month of missing blog entries, I present a discovery I made at the exhibition The Wonderful World of Walt Disney and his Roots in European Artcurrently on show here in Munich.Went there Monday with a friend and was literally blown away by the multitude of sources Disney&#...Read more

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Happiness is ...

 ... where my heart's family is. A brillant day spent with half of TheCrazyBunch. Raided the supermarket, bouncing through the aisles in a bubble of laughter and playful idiocy. Bought nothing that made the least bit of sense - a Sponge Bob sponge for kitchen of TheGreenHouse, Ratatouille-napkins, red wine and salmon, chocolate of every possible ...Read more

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Making Good on Promises :-)

Before leaving for Greece - where I might not have the time to blog as much -, I want to make good on my promises to reply to things you guys wrote :-) So, this ShoutOut to MarieJost, JoanneSanderson, Silky and Flagday is friends- and fans-locked :-)**** This one is to Marie Jost , the lady with the lovely new headshot!You mentioned a searial called " The River Flows Eastward " - I haven't seen this. Prompted by what you wrote I looked it up on the web, and it does sound interestin...Read more

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