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GoodBye MV - 2 mins version

Video: http://www.tudou.com/programs/view/CmzDH0pgtuE/

By 周小米 @ vicpower

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Pin Yin of VanNess's solo songs - Listen to Your Heart / 7 Days

**Everyone~ Pls try your best to learn it Let us sing together wz our King on 19 JAN

Ganbade! Fighting! Add Oil!!!**

**Welcome to translate to other BBS!

Pls remark from SmallCloud @ VIFC!**


Listen to your heart主唱:吳建豪 詞:陳熙 / 葛大為 曲:陳熙 製作人:陳熙 編曲:陳熙 合聲: 陳熙 / 洪天祥  錄音(室):陳熙 / 洪天祥

當你出現在面前   我真的離你好遠

dang ni chu xian zai mian qian    wo zhen de li ...Read more

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Phonetic Transcription of F4 New Songs - &

I would like to let more non-chinese fans know how to sing their new song

So I added the pin-yin at below. actually there is not exactly correct version... If there is any change. I will change it after 28/12 :) Enjoy it :)

Welcome to translate the pin yin to ot...Read more

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Gathering wz MR CHEESE

Yesterday,  I went to Mong Kok for dinner gathering wz Michelle, Doris, Nikita, Man, Peggy.. and MR CHEESE..... (Click to find out ur answer! :P ) Cos he would like to call CHEESE POWDER as his nickname... unluckily... he got a strong adversary... MISS NIKITA

Well... He still get many other choices......... Cheese Ball.. Cheese Cake ........ (whatever!:P)... I think that's not bad for him....

Yepp.... we talked a lot ... and I would like to say........Read more

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BBQ Gathering

Today I go to my colleague - suki's home for BBQ gathering.

cos her's dad is good at prepare BBQ foods....

We can eat a lot delicious food... that we can't eat those at the outside.

Beside chicken wings... fish ball... beef... pork chop.................

we still have big shrimps, sea shell, corn, sweet potato, tomato.................

the most special........ Uncle made the lamb leg to us.....

Suki said that is quite famous nearby their house. a lot of people will order one for party :P...Read more

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Super tired.....

Today I have to go hiking for my part of training...

the route is Tung Chung to Ngong Ping in Lantau Island...

There is quite hard for me... cos I am not a sporty guy...

and I really haven't go to hike for long time.... (I think 4 years ago.....!! = =)

In the morning... I met my colleagues in the company.

and we started our hiking trip near 10a.m.

maybe most of us (girls...) are rarely hiking...and there is not much fresh air in Tung Chung...

We feel uncomfortable when we getting o...Read more

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Vic's HK Autograph

Yesterday. total 10+ of us went to APM for Vic's HK Autograph.

We arrived APM @ 5pm... we were standing on the 2nd floor to support.

Oop.... it's quite long time for waiting... luckily Vic's started his autograph on time.

Vic's sang 3 new songs "I am not F4", "Love U Hate U" and "Missing U"

We were trying our best to sing... cos we are professional CHOIR...

but... it's seems not really successful ... nvm :P

And around 8pm, Vic started his ...Read more

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Brave + Respect

Recently, I think this is the hottest entertainment news ...

"Andy Lau protected his fans in ChengDu concert"

After I watched the movie in Nikita's blog


Andy Lau is super bravely in this case....

cos he jumped down the stage(2.2m.)... and hit those security... and save that fans...

He is a superstar, but he is really dun care about his image.

he just wanted to...Read more

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It's time to work again...

I got my holiday in this Saturday and Sunday... heehee...

It's really good time for me to refuel...  after my 5-day training...

I woke up around 12pm... and hang out wz friends....

Yesterday I went out for lunch gathering wz Alice, Ling and Pat.

We talked a lot of interesting topic about someone....

(who...? I think that's only one answer only... )

and We tried to memory about our TW Trip ...

I think we will go to TW v...Read more

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F4 New Songs


I took this video @ Vic's fans meeting on 1027

In the function, they broadcasted some movie abt new drama.

I am quite looking 4ward after I watched this. cos Zai was really really cute in it.

And pls listen... the background music is F4 new song!!!!!

Wow~~~ and I really got the great feeling after I listened it.

cos the style is totally different:) (not only love song feel...)

wow... I hope I can hear the clear version ASAP...!

Read more

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I Love TAIWAN!!^^

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