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Looking forward =]

Haven't update here for.... long long long time

cos there's nothing to share about my boring life....

Working working working... and studying hard on my Japanese course...

feel confusing cos I really dun have time to revise... = =

what can i Do.. ><

Since I joined this company... I didn't us my ID staff ticket ... = =

But~~~ in coming April. I have my 1st annuel leave =]

and I will plan to Bangkok and Chiang mai with Ana =]

Super looking 4ward this trip, cos ...Read more

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Super Crazy Days~~~~!!!

Started from yesterday....

because of anti-government protesters in Bangkok airport.....

All TG flights which going to Bangkok is Cancel....!

We cant do check-in to the passengers... and just trying our best to transfer those pax who had onward flight to other airlines....

There were many many many reporters an...Read more

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Recent Life...

I haven't update here almost one month...

That's not mean I was nothing to do .... I was very very busy in last month...

Started from November, I have to train another airline system...

I have to work for Ethopian Airline.... One of the African airline.......

Train 2...Read more

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Another J-POP that I liked before - DA PUMP

When I was in F.1 ~ F.2, that was my first time to know overseas music.

J-POP is one of my favour music.

At that time, I love many groups in JP or overseas


DA PUMP is one of the group that I liked


their first song - Feelin' Good It's PARADISE

I really love it very much! : )

Today, I suddenly found out the VCD t...Read more

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Forever Girls Power

Video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VoDV3NWtxRc

When I was studying in secondary school

I love J-POP very much

I always love to listen Japanese songs.

The most I liked was this 4 girls group - SPEED

They included 島代寬子, 今井繪理子, 上原多香子 & 新垣仁繪

Most of their songs are really popular in Asia~

two vocal : 島代寬子 & 今井繪理子 really got a good soul

I love their music very much

Just few day before, the...Read more

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Thanks Michelle

Tonight I gather with Michelle in Tsuen Wan

I haven't seen her for long time since V came to HK last time.

Both of us changed our hair styles

We went to Citywalk to walk around first.

Then We choose "石鍋品題" that introduced by Michelle

That's quite i...Read more

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Super tired after my 17 half hours duty...

Yesterday... Typhoon NURI visited HK...

Under Typhoon signal no. 9... I still need to work...

but I cant do anything cos all the flights cannot departure...

that's mean... all the flights need delay and cancel....

and my working task for whole day .... STAND BY OFFICE!


and today... I really having a crazy long working hours... 17 and half hours...

From 0500 - 2230~~!!!!!!

most of the flights also heavy...Read more

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2008-08-17 VanNess Day Dreamer Autograph@Cable

Video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=95FfgBo_6II

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2008-08-03 VanNess Bday Party @ Primo

Video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fV9mD9Q6n5Y Everyday is birthday in Taipei~

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I Love TAIWAN!!^^

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