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What's the matter?! Silly guys...

I really wanted to share some silly things to all of u...

I think most of us (I met here) are same... We all also love VanNess...

I think we all really understand the happiness of chasing him in everywhere...

and.... I think my frds won't done some silly thing as below...

Few days before... There were two taiwan young popular groups came to HK... and they were doin some  promotions and fans meeting in HK. as I knew... most of their fans are really young... (around 13-15 sth I think...) and they really very very crazy on chasing them.. (Well.. I understand... cos few years ago... we all also like that:P) But....... They maybe really young...  they won't think deeply when they make consideration... also they wil done many many many silly things as below........

Right now I am working in Hong Kong Trade and Exhibition Centre (the place that VanNess held the birthday party in last year, I think most of u won't feel strange about HITEC). Few days before, one of the group held the fans meeting in here, and also... I received many many enquiry calls about this function... Most of the fans were asking the time of the function, the seat arrangement... BUT.... I also received some terrible enquirys...

ONE of the fans was asking me... "Do u know where's the worship place?" (As we knew... when all the artists started their function before, they will do something to pray the functions can running smooth...) ...... When I heard this "equiry"... ..  I really feel so "sorry" that I cant answer them.......... WELL... THIS WAS NOT THE MOST TERRIBLE ENQUIRY!...

Few hours later, I received the call.... and this fans was asking me... "Can I speak to XXX (the member of that popular group...)" Wow... I really felt so suprise about this equiry... at that time... that fans felt that I don't know who is XXX... so she repeated to me he is the member of that popular group............ WOW!!! what's happen?!????!!

I really feel so suprise to receive those silly calls, I really understand all of u really feel nervous on everythings.... BUT.......I really felt those questions are really really really silly asking... and all of u should know.... U still cant  talk with ur idol through this methlod... Why this guy will think that she can talk to her idol through this number?!!!!! =        =

Well..... I think those girls are really young... or maybe this is the first time they started to chase star.... they may dun understand..... the concept of chasing star... they wont think that's difficult things..... well...... When u really love that idol... u will try ur best to support him.... but.... pls dun be tooooooo crazy on everythings....... and I really dun think this is supporting... ! gals... stop to do those ridiculous things........

monmon always said that, He is not the only thing in our life. there are still many many things waiting us to achieve! yes... that's right. we cant always spend all our time on it, so... we should work hard on our own life...! :)

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Monmon advice is true. He's a part of our lives, but we have our own lives to move on to. I've finally decided not to be lazy and continue to live my own life too. ;P
almost 13 years ago
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heeehee! me too~~ although I am not really feel enjoyable in my present life now. I still keep on work hard to achieve my own perfect life:)))
almost 13 years ago
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yea, agree with u gals..we always noe that we have our own live too...(thats why we are nt that sillly...or maybe we are mature@pro..)they are jst apart of our life...our family, n frens all need us...thats y all of us are trying really hard to achieve our own dream...so lets JIA YOU
almost 13 years ago
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i also agree wiz u. silly persons ...sorry for it ,but it ain't trouble wiz their age. they confuse their idols wiz all of their lives, n their fren or so. of coz, we aren't that silly and 大家一起加油~.
almost 13 years ago
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Thanks for sharing this interesting 'story' with us...yes, fully agree that there more important things in our own life apart from the idols we luv to support. Well, these young fans will eventually grow up some day and understand that... :)
almost 13 years ago
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Hi SmallCloud, I fully agree with you : - ) I really happy to know your way of thinking. ☆emicoco☆
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I Love TAIWAN!!^^

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