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Vic's HK Autograph

Yesterday. total 10+ of us went to APM for Vic's HK Autograph.

We arrived APM @ 5pm... we were standing on the 2nd floor to support.

Oop.... it's quite long time for waiting... luckily Vic's started his autograph on time.

Vic's sang 3 new songs "I am not F4", "Love U Hate U" and "Missing U"

We were trying our best to sing... cos we are professional CHOIR...

but... it's seems not really successful ... nvm :P

And around 8pm, Vic started his autograph session.

Before we went on the stage, we decided to tell Vic... We are VIFC (VanNess's fanclub), and let him to sign one card to VanNess....

Doris was the first one to get on stage... she was introducing us..

and monmon was the 2nd... We invited Vic to write the card to VanNess.

When Vic finished VanNess, I told him to add Chinese name.

monmon said that "Don't be so greedy" in Cantonese...

haaaa... and Vic was following us to say "Don't be so greedy" in Cantonese again.

He's really super cute....

He is really really thin......... juz like a paper.

Pat told him to eat more.... and Vic said "Yep. I will be strong... juz like VanNess..." haa!

here is the photo tat I took yesterday...

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Photo 37788
thanks for the report! hahaha... so cute~ we are all 1 big family.... hehehe
about 12 years ago
Photo 37783
o..this is the post that i asked michi helps to translate it in vifc for me..hehe...thanks xiao yun...u guys are so supportive...well, we jst counting the days..
about 12 years ago
Photo 38203
Thank you for the report! How cute he is! I'm regrettable that I don't know how to say "Don't be so greedy!" in Cantonese ....
about 12 years ago


I Love TAIWAN!!^^

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