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Taiwan & Japan... I love them :)

In past few weeks, I went to Taiwan and Japan...

Same Reason... and for same person... VanNess Wu...

20Feb,2010 - 22Feb,2010

This is the sudden trip for me... I get noticed that Mr V held the fans meeting 1 week before... I immidiate arrange my days off from my colleagues... and really thanks to my lovely colleagues too :) I arranged the accomodation immidiately... and my Japan friends fuzuki and yuki-yuki were staying wz me too :) Thanks the hosts of the accomodation, they are really nice, they made some TW traditional foods to us :)

Before this , I was preparing the message book to V... which is I collected some of old friends (fans too) message, because of his honesty to everyone, I decided to give him some support, which is from bottom of our heart, and let him know... we will always support him 4ever...

Because of this sudden fans meeting, I decided to finish it as soon as possible... and I insist to write all messages in hand, that's feeling warm too :)

I finished the message book before the 1 hour of the fans meeting... :P (Thanks my friends were helping me too :) ) Thanks all my TW friends were helping me to finish the Chinese part, thanks yuki-yuki recorded the movie that I gave the message book moment to V... I really feel sooooo embarass after that... (I won't mention anymore...)

I hope VanNess will like our message book, and letting him know, we always love him!!

After the meeting, I have a crazy sing K party wz all my TW and JP friends, I love all of them, and thanks they gave me a perfect time :)

05Mar,2010 - 09Mar,2010

Since I know the mini concert of V, I decided to go immidiately, because I miss his last F4 concert already, I dun want to miss his any solo performances... :) I also miss his stage performace too :) Because he is born from the stage, he is the talent performer :) For many reason, and I had a free of charge air ticket to tokyo, I dun want miss my chance anymore!

Thanks my dear fuzuki arranged me the accomodation, and the ticket for the mini concert, thanks everyone like fumi, yuki-yuki, ram... gave me warm welcome from JP :) Arigadou!

The concert held in Shibuya AX :)

VanNess was sooooo confident on the stage, totally different the one that we met in the fans meeting ... he performed 5 songs ... REASON, STUCK ON U, Hello SuperStar, Hypercar and DEVIL.

He noticed that was not only JP fans there, some of us from overseas like HK, Singapore, Korea, Thailand too :)

Me and fuzuki was sooo crazy in the concert.... even I dunno the Japanese lyrics, but i was trying my best to follow VanNess :P

After the performances of his ablum, he was soooo sweet, because he gave us the bonus songs, and also the best wishes to all of his fans :) "AMAZING GRACE"... he sang this song w/o music, I wanted to say, his voice become more touching :)

After the show, we went to the Shanghaiese restaurant for our continue party :) I know more and more JP friends, and some of the old Korean friends too (like Peach, JJ) :)

Next day, I started my shopping trip :) Thanks fumi and fuzuki was being my translator, and they were really tired too... cos they had to walk for long time... I really feel sooo sorry to them...  First day I went to Tsukiji for my first meal :) I read from the HK Travel magazine, there is the one of famous shop for HITSUMABUSHI :) I was so suprise that they invited some of the JP friends to go wz me too :)

So fresh~~ So Oiishi~~!!! : P

After that, I went to Hirajuku for shopping, and my target shopping mall is Laforet :) because most of the brand that I wanted to buy is located here :) I bought 3 shirts and 1 pair of shoes in here :) sooo exciting ! :)

At night, fuzuki's family welcome us to be a guest  :) and her mother prepared hand-made sushi for us :) I got a special experience in this trip too :) Thanks all my dear friends in JP:) I love them sooo much

Another day, fuzuki brought me to go Shimo-Kitazawa, before we went, we had to say goodbye wz fumi becos she needed to back to Fukoka ... We went to one of famous Ramen shop IPPUDO ;) (一風堂), this Ramen shop is very famous in fumi hometown :)

We found there's one of the staff really look like terry-lee... haahaa :) He is sooo active too :)

After that, me and fuzuki went to the other place, which is VanNess love to go there too... Shimo-Kitazawa(下北澤)

This is my 1st time been there, and I love this place too :) because here was not really crowd, and you can walk soooo slowly between the streets :) and there're so many special shops too :) we can found sooo many interesting things in it too :) I bought quite a lot in here too :) and fuzuki brought me to FRESHNESS BURGER, which is VanNess's favour too :) Here is the same shop that VanNess been too :)

After that, we went to Shibuya again, and then headed to Tokyo Tower :)

This is the place that I wanted to go long time ago :) I achieved it finally :) Tokyo night scene is very very beautiful , and the Tokyo Tower is sooo beautiful too :)

This trip was letting me experience a lot :) Again~ Thanks everyone who was helped me in the trip :) I wanted to go back to JP very soon! I miss everything in there ! ^^


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Photo 42904
hope you enjoyed the fan meeting : )
almost 11 years ago
Photo 99117
WOW!! gorgeous dinner♪♪ (^^)
almost 11 years ago
Photo 99117
I was glad to know enjoying your Tokyo trip!! I hope to see you in Osaka next time!
almost 11 years ago
Photo 38203
haha~! thank you so much dear! i could recall the beautiful memory wz u!!! yep, we were definitely crazy @ the concert.heehee~. i really enjoyed to be crazy wz u. n one thing...i'm really sorry that i got tired easily...i know you took care of me n concerned abt me a lot. u are so sweet. hope we can c together pretty soon somewhere. love.
almost 11 years ago
Photo 37793
wow~! i really enjoyed reading your blog. i had a very very special happy time with you dear, thank you sooo much for coming to JP! i think only bad thing was miserable weather!! it was so cold or raining whole days. but i'm so happy that you enjoyed JP. we are always waiting for you to come! tokyo tower is really beautiful!! oh, let me mention one thing, Laforet is in Harajuku darling, i like when you say Hirajuku. love
almost 11 years ago
Photo 31993
haa... fumi, even you remind me again n again... I still make a mistake btw Harajuku ... and my place Hirajuku! =P
almost 11 years ago


I Love TAIWAN!!^^

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