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Super tired.....

Today I have to go hiking for my part of training...

the route is Tung Chung to Ngong Ping in Lantau Island...

There is quite hard for me... cos I am not a sporty guy...

and I really haven't go to hike for long time.... (I think 4 years ago.....!! = =)

In the morning... I met my colleagues in the company.

and we started our hiking trip near 10a.m.

maybe most of us (girls...) are rarely hiking...and there is not much fresh air in Tung Chung...

We feel uncomfortable when we getting on the hill...

and my lower legs get a little bit jerkiness...

We have to take a rest for while... and our male colleagues are super gentlemen.

they are helping us to take our belongings. and take care all of us.

We almost spend 4 hours to finish our trip... 

There is nice mountain scene  btw Tung Chung and Ngong Ping.


We have to hike this super tilt wood stairs... (near 90 degrees...)

then we go to Po Lin Temple for our lunch.

It's really delicious.......... cos we are super hungrey!

After then... We continue our trip...

Wisdom Path.

This is one of the highest hill in Hong Kong - Phoenix Mountain...

There is really a good place for watching sunset.

I feel really tired... and my lower legs are super painful...

my dad helped me to do some massage ....

I hope that I will be fine in this holiday......... =         =

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辛苦了~(T∇T)!!! feeling like i'm tired though i was just reading this story! me too~. i don't like exercise. but this wonderful view is worth making effort!
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I Love TAIWAN!!^^

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