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SIck!.... = =

I'm having a long vacation right now...

Feel enjoyable cos i didn't take rest when i was working as ground...

right now. i leave my job. and want to back more normal life...

maybe I will be a clerk in future... (but my frd said that i won't do it long time cos I dun like sit in the office for all day.....)

yea..... maybe ... but i will try... for most reason. i want to take course to upgrade myself... that s mean i need to find more stable work...

I m still finding the job... but not in hurry... cos I really feel enjoyable right now... (yep... lazy guy..) but i feel sick right now... cos my biological clock is already ..... =         = everyday wake up at afternoon... go bed at midnight....(or early morning... 4~5 am...) ai~~~

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NOT HURRY????!!!!! Money is the most important thing kakakakak
over 12 years ago
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you finally said goodbye to you ex-boss huh!!!! it's nice to take a break but better find a new job ASAP lah. good luck my dear.
over 12 years ago
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hehe! she still didn't find a new job i think she is very poor now akakakak smallcloud, do you have money ? come out have dinner hohoho miss u
over 12 years ago
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Who said. I still have money la! :P cos .... I haven't waste money in last month ar! :P
over 12 years ago
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that's good! when can we have dinner toether? i'm free this wed till sat.
over 12 years ago


I Love TAIWAN!!^^

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