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I haven't update here for a while~ Because my english is really not good... So... A little bit lazy to keep update here... Actually... It's quite busy in pass few months...

Started from October, I had a great different change on my work. I backed to serve my company's flights... How busy everyday everytime... From the early morning... to lately night... never stop... I am being a professional check in machine... I felt really upset at the begin... because there were many many difficulties waiting for me... Because of my company is one of the biggest airline in the worldwide... I met many many peoples... who I never heard... or never met before... I really felt soooo worries after work...  til now... already passed two more months... My feeling is better... and I am already get used to this busy life... Even I really feel tired after work... but I found that I changed a lot... my EQ was increased... even I met tons of shit guy everyday... I still can explain the reasons like "why they cannot get the window or aisle seats..." why they cannot sit together..." "why they cannot ..... " blah blah blah... I still can keep "smile" on my face... xoxo~~

I remembered what my idol said... always feel thankful to everyone... even the peoples that u loved... or u hated...  even those guys hurted u b4 ... soo ... even the peoples who were impolite... keep "smile"... sooo they can't say somethings or complain after that...


And I have been to Taiwan for twice for last 2 months too... (I really made a decision within fews day .... ) :P I felt so enjoyable when I was in Taiwan, Thanks for my friends in TW, they really take care to me every times. I really love everythings in Taiwan... Peoples, Foods, Shoppings... everythings~~) And I was so glad to see VanNess for both time... :) Especial I went to "Hua Tian Chuan" (花田村) where is the most important scene in Autumn Concerto. That was a amazing trip :) I took photo with Mr Ren (VanNess) too... But I can't get back the photo after that... ><

I really love to see Van's performance in Autumn Concerto. Thanks everyone who helped him in the drama, and he became much more popular in TW... He done a good show too :) Just wanted to say with him... "No matter the reporters write some negetive comments to him... For all the real fans, we are all support him anytime!  I hope that he can keep on going ...

That's it :)

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great to hear u have overcomed the challenges &amp; difficulties in your work. jia you!
over 10 years ago
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Wow! Lucky for you!!! I envy you~ I understood tough of your work! Cheer up Smallcloud!! p(^^)q
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hi smallcloudchan how r u? reading ur posted and get know that u have been visited Autumn Concerto shooting place which is &quot;Hua Tian Chuan&quot;. I wish to ask the address of the place which im not chinese educated so it will be a problem for me to get to this place. So i just with to ask u did u have the address of it. Thanks a lot and nice to meet u
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I Love TAIWAN!!^^

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