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Recent Life...

I haven't update here almost one month...

That's not mean I was nothing to do .... I was very very busy in last month...

Started from November, I have to train another airline system...

I have to work for Ethopian Airline.... One of the African airline.......

Train 2 days... and I have to follow my coach for 3 days...

Luckily I have a good coach this time too : )

She calls Candy : ) Even she's rarely to work for this airline.

She still teach me a lot : )

This airline... I need to always charge excess baggage... argue with excess baggage....

That's really not easy to handle... Luckily, they don't have a lot of products to learn :P

Start from December, I decided to learn Japanese : ) (Finally)

Cos I really want to upgrade myself...

I dun think I can keep on study "MASTER" or something... since I really dun like study theory!

So I want to upgrade myself in other way.

Language is very important for myself... since I am working in service industry!

and I can communicate my Japanese friends next time : ))

haaahaa~ どうぞよろしく!

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哈哈。。。又一位學日文 日本語很不容易﹐ganbatte ~
over 11 years ago
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加油学日语~~☆★ がんばってください♪
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I Love TAIWAN!!^^

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