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Looking forward =]

Haven't update here for.... long long long time

cos there's nothing to share about my boring life....

Working working working... and studying hard on my Japanese course...

feel confusing cos I really dun have time to revise... = =

what can i Do.. ><

Since I joined this company... I didn't us my ID staff ticket ... = =

But~~~ in coming April. I have my 1st annuel leave =]

and I will plan to Bangkok and Chiang mai with Ana =]

Super looking 4ward this trip, cos this maybe .... the1st time relaxing trip ... haaaa!!!

I am already looking for some useful informations, and planning the itinerary!

And Ana said that, we are able to stay in 5-star hotel in BKK with cheap price!

cos her thai friend is able to get special discount~~ hooo~

Aiya~~!!! I need to work hard!!! OT !! OT!!!! OT!!!!!

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Photo 37975
Hi, Xiao Yun! studying Japanese? wow! how nice! Have a nice trip~~~. Please say hello to Ana.
over 11 years ago
Photo 37920
Hi Small Glad to hear that u will come to travel in Thailand Welcome....hope to see u
over 11 years ago
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SSENNAV =] Yes~ I will go to Thailand for relaxing =] We will stay few days in BKK, let's plan the gathering at that time =] Yumi, I studying Japanese around 3 months, I really feel difficult on it ... but i will try my best =]
over 11 years ago
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so u 2 will have a crazy shopping trip? hahaha
over 11 years ago
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Wanna join our trip or not? My dear michi:)
over 11 years ago


I Love TAIWAN!!^^

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