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I hate Shen Zhen!!!!!!

12 OCT....... I never forgot what we met in this day!!!

And... I really feel disappoint about the arrangement of the function.

What da fuxking arrangentment!!!!?

Everyone only say "none of their business!!!" or "I am already contact to our supervisor to help all of u" so ....... then!!!? When V was shown up on the stage, We still at the outside !

I dun wanna say anymore.  cos there already happened. We cant change it anymore I just feel angry for da arrangement. for us... we still can met V before the show @ red carpet... umm... That's really... We cant get both advantages this time..... =          =


PS: I dun like those cameramen also.......   they really FUXK guys and got the FUXK attitudes ... trying their best to avoid us take V photos. !


Well....... We took this photo before the show.... Can u see the boy?! He is crab from Wuhan(working in SZ), and he is  the king fans too... and ....... he like VanNess more than 6 years... (senior than us!) wow... That's really unbelieveable...! 

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Hi SmallCloud ! It's niiiiiiice to hear that you could see Vanness : - ) But sorry about non participation to the event, due to bad arrangement...., as you said, it was already happend......so, next time !!! And nice pic ! Now, I have good news to share with you : - ) Vanness fans in Fukuoka/Kusyu successfully negotiated with theater there. " Kang Fu Fighter " will be on screen in Fukuoka. I read on it in her blog just yesterday evening. On screen period would be only a week, but it's wonderful isn't it :- ) Have a nice week-end !
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That's really good news to V~ He must be very happy to hear this cos all of u really supporting him. eventhough this is only a week, there still can let much more fans can support V:))
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Photo 31993
卡~ 他來香港要好好介紹給你認識認識吧! :p
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Oh lovely girls☆ Thank you for the report♪ If I can do, I wanted also to go there and to meet you and VanNess!
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You have your hair cut right?????
almost 13 years ago
Photo 31993
yes~ cut my hair b4 i went to SZ... :P
almost 13 years ago
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nice hair cut...nvm, wat is pass its already pass...at least u guys went to support KING....great job...its shocked to see our "super senior" in thr... ;)
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I Love TAIWAN!!^^

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