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Happy Birthday to my lovely mom : )

Today is my lovely mom "18 years old" birthday~

This year... I decided to give her a big suprise.... there is.........

haaa... for my mom.... This is surely big suprise...

because I dun know how to cook... and rarely to cook for myself too...

and I never made the desert before...

so... when I went to learn how to make this cake...

the tutor also said that ... " You are so brave... " haaa...

even I am so stupid when I was learning...

and... I really afraid that ... I will not success... XX

but finally... I made it : ))) .... = V = |||


My mom really feel touching when she ate this cake : )

She said this is the best present for her : D

 I just wanna wish my mom... Good health, and Good luck in future : )

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Fantastic!! How nice and brave you are! =D and Happy Birthday to Your Mom!!
about 11 years ago
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looks yummy yummy!! u r so smart, my dear. Happy birthday 2 your mom!
about 11 years ago
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How sweet you are!!! (⌒▽⌒) Happy birthday to your MOM!
about 11 years ago


I Love TAIWAN!!^^

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