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Happy Birthday to MR V

August 7,2009 arrived already...

One year passed ... everything seems change a lot

Dear VanNess,

Same as before, I would like to write your birthday wishing here.. even you can see or not... This really doesn't matter. :) Cos I would like to share my feeling to every V friends here :)

Ummm... 8 years already, That's really a long long time that I started to support you.  And you are already achieve your dream working style step by step. This is really not that easy. Maybe this is the most lucky for the artist right?

But I am still worrying about you... cos We know you acted a lot of dramas or movies before... Lastly... We cant enjoy your most of your movies... I don't know that's the company problems or not... That's really feel disappoint for the fans... or maybe you too... cos you put much time to prepare... on your acting... on your action.... but we cant enjoy it...

I really feel apologize cos I try to watch your movie on some illegal movie website... I watched your new movie already... but... I really dun think that was a good production... That was the no meaningful story for the whole film... maybe that's some problem on the film editing... I really don't understand what are they want to talking about... = = Even your action is very good... it seems waste your time...

I really worry about these kinds of productions will make your entertainment life being hard... For your fans, we are surely support you, but for the audience... they won't understand on it... if the result is not that good...You may lost your chances to act some good production movie... ENTERTAINMENT ZONE is real... Producers will base on your results to decide will find you or not...

As the fans, I wanna support you anytime, so I would like to let you know... stop to do some works that was not good for you... Maybe you will feel you have challange on acting... but that will be no one can watch it.... The most important is let the audience to watch you, and able to know more about you, right?

Recently you started to act the drama in TW, this is good for you, even we dun heard any news on it... at least... I think SET TV will boardcast it after finish... at least all people able to watch it... This is the basic life for the artists... : ) So work hard on it. I am sure that will be fine for you !

For the fans life... i know I am already change a lot... That's not mean I dun support you, I will support you in the right way, right time and right moment.  I will let me to be more mature, and know what is good for you. I am already super lucky because on my work, I am able to see you in close distance. I still understand that the relationship btw artist and fans. so... I won't be a crazy fans... to do some crazy things to let you pay attention ... That's really wasting time... :)

You are already 31 years old, I really do hope that you will keep on to run smooth on your life. After you being a Christian, this is the way to let you release your pressure, Be smile more, and ....Dun think tooooo much :) Dun make the things be more difficult ...


Happy Birthday! Happy all the time !


Yours ture fans,



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gud blog...i agree with the acting parts that you wrote..we worried about him too~~hope everything will be better in future...lets PRAY as GOD will listen to our PRAYER~~
about 11 years ago
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Hi Small Cloud, I subscribed to Van's Japan Official Fan Club !!! =D
about 11 years ago
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Jessica, :) best wishes to MR V.... koko... I cannot becos I am not living in JP... sigh... ><
about 11 years ago


I Love TAIWAN!!^^

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